Company Profile

Company Profile

GSP Group implements and develops diverse and extensive organizational security solutions that are adapted for our clients' needs. The organizational security solutions are tailored according to the customers' demands, and they are the product of risk assessment performed in the client's organization. This process takes place in the organization and with the client's full participation. The process involves the characterization of threats and risks, which are relevant to client's activity, as well as the definition of methods and means designed to minimized the discovered risks. These means include, security plans and procedures, training of skilled personnel, cutting edge security technology, and much more.

The teams of managers and founders of GSP includes individuals with extensive background and experience in various security areas, who held senior positions in Israeli and foreign governmental security organizations (including IDF, General Security Service and the police) and in international commercial companies, where they filled positions of security management. The wide-ranging knowledge accumulated in our company allows it to implements security and prevention processes for the largest variety of clients both in the private sector (commercial companies and corporations) as well as the public service (governmental security organizations).

In the security sector, an emphasis is given on confrontation with terroristic, crime and intelligence organizations. In the private sector, a special attention is given to dealing with such threats as damage to the assets and/or employees of the organization, security of the supply chain, protection of special facilities, security of senior managers, information leaks, and more.

Thanks to the combination of the broad knowledge with rich operational experience, GSP Group provides its customers with comprehensive and most advanced security solutions, tailored to the customer's unique needs, during routine as well as emergency situations.

Our services and central areas of expertise include:

- Organizational security assessment and management, including independent security surveys and tests of infiltrations and weak spots.

- Composition of policy documents and procedures of physical as well as informational security.

- General security consultation.

- Personal security, including the construction of array and procedures, training and equipment.

- Facility security.

- Information security.

- Airport and airplane security.

- Marine security (commercial ships, liners, drilling rigs, etc.)

- Counter-terrorism.

- Investigations.

- Background and reliability checks.

- Security of supply chain (protection of merchandise in storage and during the movement).

- Construction of extensive security systems that combine advanced security technologies.

- Shooting training on all levels.

- Close combat (Krav Maga) training.

- Emergency services and medical equipment.

- Weapons commerce and mediation.

- Security accessories.