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GSP Group is engaged in marketing and brokering of products to the private sector, private security sector, and also government security agencies.

The company's employees are professionals and experts in the characterization of products suited to customer's needs for training or fighting.

We fit the product and all its parts, as well as how to use it, according to customer's requirements.

As part of the work with the client, company advisers and instructors will characterize the requested product to create maximum efficiency for the customer.

The company staff has great experience and a thorough knowledge about the best existing products in the world - which makes a good and effective match between the product and the goal it has to achieve.

In addition, the company can supply the product quickly once it was located and the client's needs were defined.
No matter where the product is in the world - we will provide it quickly.

Sale and supply of products are based on the customer's local law.
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