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Fraud, corruption and criminal investigations

Criminal investigations are the responsibility of the law enforcement authority, and the GSP Group does not pretend to replace those authorities and act where the investigation must be carried only by this authority according to the law. However, in many cases there is a need for the client to carry out the investigation by himself (when it does not contradict the law), such as in the following cases:

• For reasons of discretion and prevention of harm to reputation of the client / company, if nothing leaks out of the investigation.

• When the law enforcement agencies do not investigate for various reasons, such as lack of resources and of public interest.

• When the client is suspected of offenses against him, and this suspicion is not backed by sufficient evidence to file a complaint with law enforcement authorities.

GSP Group has accumulated great experience in investigations, which allows us to provide our customers with professional advice and services by the best investigative researchers at the highest level. Gathering evidence about allegedly committed offenses against the client is done in full discretion with full coordination, as the main goal is to help the customer to make a decision about how to contact law enforcement authorities, or alternatively how to deal with the felon by taking a civil action to the relevant court of law. Naturally, the investigation process is done discreetly and all stages are in complete full coordination with the customer.