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Pre-employment screening & Background checks

Workers' Reliability

It is generally known that any company's human resource is a key element for its success. But what if among the dedicated and reliable workers there are those who use all means to achieve personal gain at the expense of the company?

Are suspecting that someone is stealing your employees from the company? The someone performs fraud or falsifies documents or records of the company? Have you received enough information about a manager or employee who exceeds his authority or acts contrary to the accepted code of behavior in the company while causing damage to your company?

GSP Group has a great cumulative experience in managing and consulting in the field of worker's reliability, including: forgery and deception, fraud, theft from the employer and everything related to the worker's virtue.

Our company developed innovative investigation methods using advanced technological means while maintaining the client's and his employees' discretion according to the law and regulations. The methods ensure that our customers receive professional service and consulting, which are reliable, discreet and first-class.


Background Checks

Going to recruit a new manager or employee for a sensitive position? Want to get married but you are not sure about the loved one's past? Want to place your children with a new nanny / nursing home that is not familiar to you? Want to do business with a company or a person that you don't know well enough?

In all of the above cases and many others, you need relevant, reliable and accurate information in real time to make the right decision.

We at GSP Group specialize in consulting and carrying reliable and deep background investigations designed to allow customers to make the right decision appropriate to his needs.

Data is collected by licensed and experienced investigators, who use innovative and reliable methods in accordance with the laws and regulations of the environment in which we operate across the globe. The ultimate purpose of these checks is to provide the customer with data that support his decision, based on concrete and relevant information collected for that specific need.