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Surveillance and covert photographing

Sometimes it is necessary for our clients to receive real time information about the actions and deeds of a person who is under an investigation or a background check. In some cases, this information can be collected only by covert photography and surveillance. Covert surveillance is one of the many auxiliary tools and means aimed to aid the process of investigation by gathering quality evidence to be used by the customer, whether for a personal, business or legal goal.

The need for covert surveillance may arise among others in the following cases: adultery, fraud, theft and gathering of critical business information.

GSP Group specializes in consulting on covert surveillance. Carrying out covert surveillance and photography for clients is done by licensed investigators with extensive experience, who specialize in carrying out complex surveillance, using sophisticated technical equipment and who are subject to the laws and regulations in an environment where the investigation takes place. Surveillance teams that work on behalf of GSP have the most diverse covert surveillance capabilities (such as surveillance by foot, car and helicopter), while carrying the most advanced technologies of documentation that exist in this area.