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Wiretapping exposal

Many customers suspect the existence of wiretapping against them because of business rivalry, family conflicts, or from any person, which causes conflict or dispute. In addition, many existing customers need to act proactively to prevent such wiretapping that could harm them financially, legally or otherwise. In both cases, GSP provides professional advice and guidance service based on rich and varied experience and familiarity with relevant laws and regulations .

Eavesdropping detection tests are varied and include among others:

• Wiretapping test for stationary, cordless, or mobile phones.

• Fax machine wiretapping test.

• Wiretapping test for digital or analog telephone switch.

• Checking of room volume monitoring.

• Wiretapping test for cars.

• Wiretapping test for notebooks and stationary computers.

In cases where the client wants to discover or make eavesdropping, GSP provides advice and guidance in three main aspects:

• Legal aspect: ensuring that all customer operations are carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of the workplace.

• Technological aspect: using the most advanced technological means to detect and / or perform wiretaps.

• Operational aspect: ensuring that eavesdropping detection, or alternatively installation of surveillance equipment will be covert and will not betray its existence both at installation and removal as well as during the check / eavesdropping.