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Insurance investigations

Insurance fraud phenomenon is a global phenomenon that can be encountered in any country in the world. Based on surveys, the extent of the phenomenon is in a steady increase, mainly in developed countries, despite the efforts of insurance companies and the courts to fight it. Fraudulent claims are submitted every day to insurance companies in many different areas including: claims for car accident, car theft and arson of vehicles, burglaries and theft of contents from businesses and private homes, arson of business place, work injury compensation, claim for damages for loss of earning capacity, etc.

GSP Group took developed covert and overt methods to expose false claims offenders with a clear and careful distinction not to harm the innocent insured person who expects efficient service from her or his insurance company. GSP employs investigation teams in the insurance violations, who are experienced investigators and have large cumulative experience, as well as the best available resources and technologies to detect and expose fraudulent claims. The evidence collected by the investigators is used in the courts and saves a lot of money for our many customers among the insurance companies.