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Matrimonial investigations

Do you feel cheated? Afraid that spouse is having an affair outside marriage? Decided on separation, but it seems that your spouse is hiding assets or bank accounts in order not to share them as part of the divorce?

If you are in these or similar situations and do not know where to start and who to contact to verify or refute the suspicion that nests in your hearts and keeps you awake, you've come to the right place. GSP Group has the experience and knowledge necessary to assist you. We have experienced and professional private investigators who could address the problem and collect the information you need with deep understanding and consideration of the required sensitivity and discreetness.

Sometimes the customer's feelings do not turn out to be true, just as in many other cases, his or her suspicions are confirmed during the investigation. In both cases, the findings of the investigation will be hidden and the decision how to act will remain exclusive to the client while the existence of the investigation will not be revealed to others who are involved in it. The collected products and evidence collected during the investigation (photos, tapes, etc.) can be used (according to customer's desire) as a crucial legal evidence in Rabbinical Courts, Family Courts and / or in any mediation process to settle that the couple have chosen through the process of divorce.