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Financial investigations

GSP Group provides many different services including financial investigations (local and international) for private companies, government agencies, financial institutions, government investigations, lawyers and individuals. The findings of the economic investigations are often used by the client as evidence in the court.

Common investigative actions that we perform for our clients include among others:

• Locating real estate and movable property that belong to debtors.

• Detection of land, water and aviation vehicles, registered or used by debtors.

• Locating bank branches and bank accounts registered on the name of the debtor or shared by him.

• Locating sources of income from any type of debtors (salary, pension, annuity, etc.).

• Locating insurance rights and pension funds that belong to the debtors.

• Locating properties that were smuggled abroad by debtors.

Economic investigations are carried out openly and covertly (if necessary) by experienced and professional investigators, while maintaining complete discretion of the customer's identity.