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Intellectual property investigations

Private investigators who specialize in intellectual property investigations, are working on behalf of GSP and daily perform investigations for copyright protection.

Intellectual property rights include especially the following rights:

• Patents - protection of inventions of technological products and processes.

• Trademarks - protection of words, images, symbols or sounds.

• Designs - protection of industrial design of the product.

• Copyright - protection of literary works, dramatic, musical and artistic.

Intellectual property owner is given exclusive right to use the fruits of his labor. Property owner is entitled to legal protection against exploitation or copying of the invention or work by others. The person is granted full copyright.

There are quite a few private and established entities who do not care about property rights, basic values and basic laws. Pirate factors tramp over reserved property rights, in order to make easy and quick profits.

We are here to expose the pirates, discover forgeries or counterfeiters and help artists to protect copyrights.