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Risk assessment surveys

"Risk assessment" is a proactive process designed to identify and characterize the current risks that may threaten the organization / business / company and to establish countermeasures, which are economically feasible, in order to reduce or even completely neutralize the identified threats. The threats are varied and diverse, from threats of human origin, such as robbery, kidnapping, theft, terrorist attacks, etc. to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.

Risk assessment process is also a good opportunity for the organization to examine the existing plans to ensure business continuity in case of an event as described above, as well as their compatibility with the threats identified in the risk assessment process.

Risk assessment process is an ongoing process. It must take place on a periodic basis or whenever significant change occurs in the organization's areas or activity, or when a new threat is identified but not yet taken into consideration, and the organization must be prepared to deal with him. Threats and vulnerabilities are not static. Our foes and our businesses are in a continuous process of changes and growth. Risk assessment process aims to define the ability to minimize and neutralize the threats that have been diagnosed. The main product of the risk assessment process is the definition of a threat level accompanied by recommendations regarding the implementation of countermeasures in order to neutralize or reduce the threat to an acceptable level (various countermeasures can include among others: security systems, infrastructure, monitoring and training procedures and programs.)

GSP Group offers various consulting services and implementation of risk assessment procedures developed in the company by leading experts in the field. The customer is involved in all stages and is a full partner in the process. Generally the methodology we apply includes the following steps:

• Diagnosis and definition of threat / threats from the foe.

• Evaluation of the level of vulnerability posed by the threat to the organization / company (foe's chances of success to realize the threat).

• Definition of the effect on the organization / company if the threat is realized (the implications of the realization of the threat to the organization / company).

• Definition of the ways to neutralize the threat or minimize it to an acceptable level that will enable business's continuity and maintenance of reputation of the organization / business.