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Building security systems

Many companies have realized the importance of integration of security system design as an essential part in the organization, and our experience indicates the importance of early consideration of security system. The security system subjects include among others: choice of security system and its adaptation to the organization structure and nature of activities, including the location of the organization's employees and property, Industry and Trade systems, communications and more.

Early design of security systems and measures may lead to large financial savings, as well as full integration tailored to the needs of the organization and functioning system for optimizing both physical security and technological system as a tool for making important real-time solutions to ensure proper functioning of the organization and operation of routine and emergency.

The goal of an effective security program is primarily to prevent and thwart attempts by hostile elements to carry out terrorist attacks and damage life and property. For this purpose, an application of security plan that is customized and professional is a reassuring message of control and responsibility from the organization's management towards their employees, clients, guests and the general public.

GSP Group specializes in design and establishment of advanced security systems. Our security consultants bring with them vast experience in planning and building security systems.

The design includes:

1. Preliminary analysis of the nature of the activity opposite to the risk factors.

2. Inventory check of existing equipment, its effectiveness and suitability for the security system.

3. Construction of physical and technological security plan.

4. Plan oresentation for approval.

5. Guidelines for implementation.

6. Practice of security system and the beginning of its activity.

HPS group's working hypothesis is based on simple fact that security is not a goal in itself, but a service provided to a organization designated to ensure the continuation of its specific activities. The security will be adjusted to the characteristics of the organization and its needs, and against the threats applicable to it and subject to the budget.