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Supply chain security

GSP Group develops and implements the processes of conservation and protection of goods during their movement to and from the client with an emphasis on how the goods pass through the whole chain of factors as they move through sea, air and land. Supply chain process requires attention to technology including physical surveillance of the professional teams who know how to actually implement this important task.

A number of critical events take place in the service since before the goods reach their final destination, they may be damaged, stolen or worse to be part of the scenario in which they serve terrorists as a part of transit station to a specific or a strategic target.

Advantages in implementing this process:

- Monitoring the movement of supplies along the way to their final destination.

- Correct response to the supply chain security creates industrial peace and security for the customer.

- Reducing costs of manpower while the supplies are en route.

- Prevention of theft and damage to the amount of inventory in the supply chain.

- Supply chain security by professional bodies.

- Working with a logistics provider for all types of services.

- Improving customer service and improving delivery times.

- Reducing inventory levels in the warehouses.

- Appropriate response to changing demand.

- Allowing the client to concentrate on core businesses.

- Reducing costs of human resources and infrastructure.

- Advantage over other supply chains.