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Special units

When we talk about special units and their role in our daily routine as citizens of law-maintaining countries, we encounter so many examples that stress their importance.

There is a large variety of specialized units in the world that function primarily to provide emergency for a certain goal.

Our company has the ability to diagnose an event or scenario and give the perfect and most efficient solution to create a safer environment during routine or emergency with minimal loss of both property and especially lives.

GSP Group's teams will reach every point on earth with their broad experience and knowledge learned during the years of their activities, along with most urgent updates the world experiences in light of the world's terrorist organizations' revival and increasing efficiency.

These units include:

1. Counter- terrorism units.

2. Intelligence gathering units.

3. Intervention and negotiations units.

4. Marine units.

5. Rescue units and missing persons locating units.

Our company will provide both professional and operational service for every customer in his complex sector.