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Search & Rescue units

Locating and rescuing missing persons

When we refer to locating and rescuing missing persons, we must remember that there are a number of important elements. Unless these elements receive a professional and quick attention, the odds to save and / or extract a person or a group will change dramatically.

GSP Group is prepared for any scenario, whether it is caused by forces of nature or by operational activity, in order to provide both fast and professional response, when human lives are our guiding principle in every action.

Locating and rescuing missing persons is a complex and difficult issue both physically and because of difficult field conditions that require very high professional skills, which is why we work with the best and highly skilled teams.

GSP Group's mission teams perform complex tasks at sea, air and land. These abilities were studied and implemented in the best terrestrial and maritime units worldwide.

Our abilities are in the following areas:

1. Locating and rescuing missing at sea.

2. Locating and rescuing missing persons on land.

3. Rescue work with aircraft.

4. Climbing and surfing.

5. Breaking into an aircraft.

6. Breaking into dilapidated buildings.

7. High navigational capabilities.

8. Stationary and mobile means of communication.

9. Providing medical assistance.

10. Accessibility in difficult field conditions.


Medical Rescue

GSP Group's medical escort teams know how to address situations in which an Israeli and / or foreign civilian became ill or injured overseas and is in need of immediate medical assistance.

In many countries, there is a great difficulty in communicating with medical staffs in hospitals, which creates fear for the patient who oes not understand what his condition is, what treatment he receives and why it is needed.

This scares a lot more when the victim is alone, without another person who speaks the language or understands his desires.

GSP Group offers you overseas medical escort teams and will immediately get for you or your loved ones a medical team according to the case and status of the patient / injured, even at short notice.

GSP Group also provides solutions for non-emergency situations, when it comes to the wounded who want to visit the country but are afraid to go through the flight / cruise without medical supervision, and vice versa, injured people who wish to travel abroad or visit their family, but their injury prevents them from traveling.

GSP Group brings the best of medical teams, who will ensure a safe travel, take care of all the needs of wounded / injured from the medical aspect and serve as a journey companion.

Extraction from natural disasters

There is no dispute that the purpose of rescue and recovery in emergency is to save lives as much as possible. No one can change the fact that time is precious and most important ingredient for dealing with complex rescue.

GSP Group's skilled teams include alumni from the best special units of rescue, including Home Front HQ rescue units and Israeli police's rescue units, who have the greatest knowledge and experience in dealing with extreme situations in Israel and worldwide.

Our company has the capabilities to reach the point of disaster in minimum time and with professional and skilled teams who can act in the sea, air and land.

Every rescue mission will be accompanied by a construction of rescue squad's command post for centralization and real-time reports as well as preparation for long stays until the last survivor is found, or until it is decided by certified authority to cease rescue operations.