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General information

GSP Group specializes in providing investigative services for a wide variety of local and international customers. Our clients include: small businesses, companies and corporations, insurance companies and financial institutions, private individuals, organizations and associations.

Investigations are carried out by qualified and experienced investigators. All investigative actions taken by the investigators are carried out in compliance with all laws and regulations of the countries where they occur, without any exception.

During the investigation, the client is a full partner in the decision regarding the direction of the interrogation techniques employed, when the basic condition is to maintain full discretion about the customer's identity and goals.

During the investigation, many evidence and exhibits are collected and brought to the attention of the client. The client may use them according to his wishes and needs, including for submission to the courts, law enforcement, arbitration institutions, etc.

In every investigative field, GSP Group operates investigators who specialize in a specific field, thus ensuring reliable and professional investigation that meets the customer's needs in the nest and shortest possible time.