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Aviation security

Aviation security field is one of the most sensitive, complex and challenging security fields.

Due to its international nature, characteristics of its activity and the enormous media and psychological effects the enemy receives by exploding and airplane in the air explosion, hijacking or executing a terrorist attack at an airport, civil aviation is the most attractive targets for terrorist groups to carry out attacks.

Aviation security is complex, fraught with a range of activities whose primary purpose is to prevent infiltration of terrorists or insertion of weapons into an aircraft, to protect the airport and those who come to its gates from attempts by hostile elements to harm them, to prevent property delinquency and to thwart attempts to sabotage the airport and airline or make an unauthorized use of them.

Also the security plan is designed to enable the organization to function effectively in an emergency and to return to routine activities when the emergency ends.

Effective security activity, which produces a deterrent to potential enemies and does not disturb or burden the organization's employees and customers, promotes and upgrades the organization's reputation on both the business and marketing field as well as personal security field, including at the country level in particular and the world at large.

The upgrade and building process of security systems in this sensitive field begins with preliminary assessment in which GSP Group's teams learn the area and the threats in it, and thus begin to build the security circles around the airport perimeter to the individual level in the field, while emphasizing and paying attention to maintaining routine for the target audience in both near and far sectors.

GSP Group develops and implements aviation security systems based on extensive knowledge and experience acquired and studied during years of activity around the world in this important and dynamic field.